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  • trsmommy
    Baby’s 1st Birthday…Yes It Is for You!
    Great! I’m definitely planning on a fun party even though my little one won’t remember- I will!!
  • trsmommy
    Meet the Moms: Jenna
    Jenna, I thought of you when I was looking for a travel seat to feed T! I bought one but the chair doesn’t sit up on its own- I need to strap it to a chair. Any recommendations? :)
  • trsmommy
    Meet the Moms: Jillian
    Then we are in the hardest part now!
  • trsmommy
    Meet the Moms: Jillian
    Thanks Cassie!
  • tabletop
    Meet the Moms: Jenna
    Hi Jenna, I love your story!
  • SarahPowling
    Meet the Moms: Sarah
    Aww, thank you so much!!! I appreciate that!! 💜
  • SarahPowling
    Meet the Moms: Sarah
    Thanks Cassie!!! 😀
  • 302erica
    Meet the Moms: Jillian
    Welcome Jillian! I'm a first time mom of an infant as well! I work in IT and I had the opposite worries- I was more afraid of parenting than labor! Haha! Looking forward to hearing from you. -Erica
  • CassieV
    Meet the Moms: Jillian
    Welcome, Jillian! Newborns are tough! I don't think any degree of education or any amount of books or friends' advice could ever prepare you beforehand for even an "easy" baby. :D You are so right - it has always been a huge comfort to me to know that other people are going through the same things and are making it through. :) Hang in there!
  • 911weeziek
    Meet the Moms: Sarah
    I absolutely love Sarah's writing. She's always good for a laugh and puts a smile on my face.

Sue Anganes

Dracut, MA

sue Anganes Blog Profile PicI have been happily married to my childhood sweetheart, Alan, for twenty-nine years. I grew up in Chelmsford and have lived in Dracut since 1985. I left my engineering career after having my first daughter and have never looked back.

Life as a mom was just as challenging and exciting to me as life in the work force.  My husband and I have been blessed with four boys and two girls ranging in age from 27 to 12.  My oldest two children, Cassie and Andrew, are both married and live close by.  My middle two, Charles and Tessa, are in grad school and college, and my youngest two, Raymond and Teddy, are ages fourteen and twelve. I’ve homeschooled all my kids until they’ve entered college, and I’m now in my twenty-third year of homeschooling.  It looks like I only have about six more years to go!  

Cooking, which I usually do it in mass quantity, is always a production.  Sometimes when I have the whole gang at home, I boil four pounds of pasta just to feed everyone.  I’m a grandmother (called Yiayia’, because I’m married to a Greek) to three -year-old Amelia and 17-month-old Elias. 

In the summer you can find me wandering around Great Brook State Park with my kids or just relaxing at home weeding my flower garden.  I love everything about weather, and friends often call me for weather reports when they’re making important plans.  Hiking with my husband in the White Mountains is what I enjoy doing in the warmer months, and it helps me  to recharge my energy and allows me to spend some much needed time alone with him.  In the cold weather I cozy up to the wood stove and read classic novels.

My philosophy in a large family is, “Everyone needs to pitch in to get the job done, no matter what the task! ”

I would not change the life God has given me. The good and the bad events that we have experienced over the years have both strengthened and shaped our family into what it is today – a treasure, more valuable to me than pure gold.


Amy Dienta

Lowell, MA

Amy Dienta is a busy working wife and mother to a 7-year-old boy. Never knowing what she wanted to be when she grew up; she has gone to college for everything from nursing to being a daycare teacher, while raising her son. She recently received her Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Daniel Webster College. In what free time she has left; Amy enjoys going to the beach, art museums, concerts, zoos and all the great things that the Merrimack Valley has to offer. Having grown up in the area she finds herself taking her son to the same places she enjoyed as a child and letting him ride on the same horse outside of the grocery store that she rode on as a child.


Tiffany MacKay

Dracut, MA

A little about me.  I am 31 and have been married since 2006 to a wonderful man named John.  In September of 2009 we welcomed our first child, Iain, into our loving and crazy family.   Our family consists of Iain, me, my husband and a goofy and lovable Goldendoodle named Denver (he is named after my hometown).  We also have a large extended family on my husband’s side.

Becoming a mom has been one of greatest highlights of my life and I cannot remember what life used to be like pre-kids.  Granted, I do get these hazy flashbacks of spa days, lounging around doing nothing, and spontaneously deciding to go away for the weekend; they seem to arrive when I am trying to figure out how to get my son, the dog, and all of the gear I seem to think I need for the day in the car- and my son has decided I can’t be out of his sight for more than a nanosecond.  Ahhh, those kid-less days, they were fantastic but there is nothing better to me now than seeing my little man give me a big gummy grin or watch him pull himself up to a stand and then realize he can’t figure out how to sit back down.  On top of being a mom I also work as a Sr. Business Analyst & Project Manager in the Planning Dept. for Lowell General Hospital.  In my free time (not that there is a lot of it these days) I love to read, write, ride my Harley, cook, bake, and just in general enjoy life to the fullest each day.  My philosophy on life is that I do not know what tomorrow will bring so I try my hardest to enjoy today and try not to have any should of, could of, would of, or if only moments in my life.



  • Katelin Collins says:

    I am very excited to see this new blog. I am a new mom of a 3 month old. I have been home with my daughter since she was born and at this point I feel the walls of my home closing in on me. I am a physical therapist looking for a part time job in the evenings at this point so that we can avoid daycare during the day. I am also a dance teacher and I can get out of the house one night a week right now.
    With the weather getting colder, I haven’t been able to take as many walks outside to exercise (which I love to do) and walking at the mall at this time of the year is getting crazy.
    Any suggestions on activities or things to do to keep me sane and from watching the floors dry every day?

    • Tiffany MacKay says:

      Hi Katelin,

      I just noticed your comment. Sorry for the lateness of my response. I hope you and your family had a fantastic holiday. Some of the things that I liked to do with my little guy when he was smaller was go to the bookstore and see what kinds of books got his attention. I also would recommend seeing if you local library has a kids story time. I know they are not totally into in at that young age but it does get you out of the house for a little while. Gymboree or another similar activity is fun as well, it gets everyone out of the house and it give kids and parents some social time which is important for kids as well as the sanity of parents! Hope these ideas help.

      Happy New Year.

  • Melissa says:

    Hi Everyone! First of all I want to say I just stumbled across this blog and I love it! I am a 2 yr stay at home mom, recently turned single working mom and love reading blogs like this (when I find time!). I wanted to see if I could reach out to all the moms out there and promote an over 30 woman’s sports league out of Groveland/Haverhill, MA called DTS Sports. We are a non-profit corporation in its 3rd year of providing an outlet to women to take time for themselves and meet new and old friends. We have slow and fast pitch softball, flag football, floor hockey and volleyball at the moment. If it’s possible to speak more about this to one of you, or post on your blog, that would be awesome! I look forward to reading this blog from now on as well!

  • Eve says:

    I lead the new mom support group at Lowell General! Would any of you bloggers like to come check it out or blog about it?


    • Meredith McKay says:

      Eve, Thats a great idea! Your support to new Moms is invalueable – thank you for leading this group. I’ll mention it to the other bloggers or I would be more than happy to write my point of view of the new Mom Support Group, as the Mom of a toddler.

  • Jillian Pease says:

    Im so glad I found your blog. I have recently moved to the area and just found out we are pregnant with our first baby. I keeping looking over the list of OB’s in the area, but I would really like to use someone based on recommendation. Can any of you recommend an OB in the Tewksbury/Lowell area? It would be a great help.

    • Amy Dienta says:

      I went to 2 practices when I was pregnant. I switched at 2 months. You have to feel comftable with the practice and the doctors you will see them a lot. I was hospitalised the last month of my pregnany as my blood pressure was too high. I’m glad I was comftable with the doctors and their training, My son was born 5 weeks early and he is a very healthy 1 year old now. I think the best advise I could give you is to make sure you trust and feel confident in the doctors you see as you never know what will happen.

  • Tiffany MacKay says:

    Hi Jillian,

    Congrats on your first baby! Welcome to a whole new and wonderful world. Personally I used WomanHealth in North Chelmsford to deliver both of my boys now 2 and a half and 11 months. It is a larger practice which has its pros and cons. They in general are pretty respectful of your wishes as a mom when it comes to your birth plan. Some personalities in the practice I connected with better than the others. With any OB I strongly recommend you prepare questions about their philosophy and style and keep a running list of them for every OB appointment. Stay informed and ask questions. You are your own and now your child’s advocate remember that as you go through this journey. There are so many options and choices when it comes to delivering your child. Congratulations again! I wish you the best and let us know if there is any other questions you may have.

  • Darlene says:

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