Caring For Kids When You’re Sick

Caring For Kids When You’re Sick
January 23, 2018 Our Circle of Moms

By: Justina Scharf


A couple weeks ago when the bomb cyclone, Winter Storm Grayson, hit our area, the flu cyclone also hit my house.

My 3 and 6 year old boys were both down for the count…but so was mom. So as a single mom, when everyone is sick you want to just huddle down and sleep and it’s good for the kids to sleep; but other mothers out out there–especially boy moms– can attest, the kids don’t stop. In fact sometimes I feel like they get more restless. Cause it’s true, moms don’t take sick days, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get sick!

So what can you do when the flu hits and you’re all alone trying to take care of the kids and get better yourself? flu18

Here are my 5 tips but I’d love to hear what other moms have to say also:

1)Movies and TV shows

We watched a lot of Handy Manny, Paw Patrol, and even fun movies like Lion King, Toy Story, and the Lego Movie. We don’t usually watch that much television so the kids were enjoying the extra screen time, especially because we all got to watch together.


2) Easy meals

We ate a lot of soup and crackers. Before the storm came, when I first started feeling a little sluggish I had actually made a big thing of crockpot vegetable beef soup. Boy, was I glad I had. That kept the boys and I fed most of the days and toast and cereal filled in the rest of our meals.

I’m also not ashamed to admit that we all were drinking the kids’ juice boxes. They were an easy way to get juice and I just stuck them in my little cooler with ice in the morningsm and we didn’t have to get up as often to go to the other room.


3) Group naptimes!

My boys were so much more willing to lay down for naps when they saw that mommy was going to nap with them. So we mixed it up, sometimes we’d all snuggle up together in my bed, and other times we’d camp out in a fort in the living room. But at least we were getting rest!



4) Easy activities

Puzzles, coloring, and getting out a few of their toys ahead of time so that not not every toy they owned ended strewn across my floor was the easiest thing to do. Also, letting the kids know early that we weren’t going to play board games or any high energy games like hide-and-seek or cops and robbers, made it easier to let them down when they inevitably ended up asking later.


5) Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Usually, my parents are able to pitch in and lend a hand when illness hits: whether it’s picking the kids up, dropping them off or even dropping off a load of groceries if needed. With the storm keeping us separate for a few days it made it so that I was a bit more on my own, but it also made it easy to not have to worry about trying to figure out what I was going to do with the kids while I went to work or they went to school. Since things were closed for a couple days, it was easy to stay home with them.

But if you have a support system, don’t be afraid to lean on them when you need it!


Leave your tips in the comments! We moms gotta stick together!

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