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The Wonderful World of Solids

By: Jillian   Ever wonder what you are supposed to be doing and where to start when you’re told to begin “introducing solids”? It sounds easy: give food to your baby. But which solids should I start with? Are pouches better than purées? What about starting with finger foods? How big should those pieces of […]

Mediterranean Diet Month

By: Cassie Van Der Hyde Do you ever hear about those “awareness months” and think, “Are you kidding me? Who comes up with these things?” I do. Every time. I wonder who designates these days, how they could possibly gain traction, and why the world needs them. My day has come, though! This month is International […]

Easy Vegetable Soup

By: Justina Scharf   As a single mom of two kids, I need all the help I can. That’s why I love my crockpot. I can start it in the morning, drop the kids off at daycare and school, head to work and when we get home, it’s ready for dinner. This is by far […]

A Cool Summer Snack – Tzatziki

By: Sue Anganes   Sometimes when it gets super hot and muggy I don’t feel much like eating, or even cooking for that matter. Here’s a recipe that’s super easy to make and is also healthy. It’s great for a light lunch, or an afternoon snack. I love to eat it with pita chips, pita […]

Quick and Easy Mini Chicken Pot Pies

By: Susan Turk   Between work, sports, church and all of the other thousand things it seems like my family is running to and from every day, dinner can be impossible to get on the table in a timely manner. That’s why I love these mini pot pies! They are so easy and can be ready […]