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Fire Safety for Kids

By: Sue Anganes   Dear Teddy, I realize that you won’t read this until after you get home from camp, but just know that I rescued you today at 5:11 am when our fire alarm went off. I ran to your room first and stood stunned when you were not there. It took me a […]

Put A Lid on Your Kid!

By: Colin Thomas   Winter is just about here, and in New England, winter includes snow and some excellent skiing locations. My wife and I are avid skiers and the past several years we have introduced the sport to our two young sons, Aiden (4) and Tyler (6). When we take our sons skiing we […]

Summer Safety Tips

By: Abigail Ancherico, Guest Contributor Summer is a time for playing outside, soaking up the bright sun and cooling off in the pool. But with outdoor activities come several safety precautions that are often overlooked.  Because June is National Safety Month, we have compiled a list of 5 safety tips that will ensure fun, stress-free […]