Inevitable Diaper Blowouts?

Inevitable Diaper Blowouts?
August 9, 2018 Our Circle of Moms
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By: Jillian

absorbent-3509508_1920What’s up with the weight ranges on diapers? I’m always guessing which size best fits my kiddo. I don’t always know his current weight. It seems like the real measurement should be more exact. Regardless of weight, I move up a size when I see lines on my kiddos legs from where the diaper was pressing down on his skin. (I not so creatively call this the “skin test.”)

Still, I’ve had a  particularly hard time choosing between sizes 3 and 4. Size 3 failed the skin test and led to overnight leaks. Size 4 looked too loose AND allowed multiple blowouts. So my choices are leaks or blowouts. Or, find a new brand of diaper! To be fair, whenever I contact customer service about diaper troubles they are helpful and receptive to feedback. I’m just hoping to not have to contact customer service!

Do any of you have a  favorite diaper brand? I’m a member of a couple loyalty clubs but I haven’t cashed in on any rewards so I’m not exclusive. 

I did like the Target Up & Up brand, until my kiddo seemed to outgrow the size 2s (via blowouts). We moved on to 3s during the day and 4s overnight. I have to say that with the Target brand 3s we have not had a blowout. We came close a couple of times, but the diaper contained the contents without getting on his clothes! I had to check his clothes twice because there was poop on the edges of the diaper and it was unbelievable that it wasn’t a blowout. 

Anyone else looking forward to potty training?

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