Meet the Moms: Cassie

Meet the Moms: Cassie
March 5, 2018 Our Circle of Moms

Hi, OCoM readers!

IMG_8065      My name is Cassie! I’ve been a wife to Mark for eleven years, an RN in Lowell General’s critical care division for ten, and a mom for almost nine years to Amelia, Elias, and Ari. I am currently homeschooling Amelia and Elias in 3rd and 1st grade and chasing around Ari–who is easily more work in one day than my other two are, combined, in a whole week. When people ask what I do for work, I often say I’m a nurse; but the truth is that I’m mostly a mom these days. I’m really thankful to be in a profession that’s super versatile and lets me flex my schedule a bit; I work third shift a night or two a week at the hospital and very thoroughly enjoy stretching my brain there beyond its usual work of chatting about Legos, Harry Potter, and Lemony Snicket. I love my kids; but as someone who is a little more practical and analytical than creative, it helps me a lot to have time to work in nursing and use that side of my skills and give my creative momming side a break–even if it’s only for a few hours a week.

Outside of school and work, Mark and I take the kids along to all the things we have always enjoyed doing ourselves, even before we had kids. We love to spend time with our church family; take day-long road trips; stroll the beautiful Merrimack River walkways; watch our tortoise eat his lettuce; and most of all, we love to go “Adventuring,” which is a fancy way of saying, “Eating our way through a city while we walk off the calories.” Mark is a project manager by trade, an artist by degree, and a lover of history at heart, so our kids get to experience lots of museums, walking history tours, and gallery viewings; they just checked off their third art opening visit of 2018 a couple weeks ago. I like to think that this makes us all sound very cultured, but we also enjoy lots of sloppy burgers, thrifting, and laughing hard at Spongebob if we catch an episode. It’s all about balance!

I’m excited to start blogging here and sharing a little bit of life with you all. I’ve always loved writing as a creative outlet, but family and work have put that aside for a bit as I’ve gotten established in both of those two (very important!) things. Time to flex the writing brain again!


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  1. lindsayk830 1 year ago

    Hey Cassie ! I love that nursing is so versatile too! I also work 3rd shift and have a 2yr old little boy! I love being a stay at home Mom and part time nurse! Best of both worlds!

    • CassieV 1 year ago

      So true! I had no idea that’s i would have a family when I originally chose nursing as a profession and I’m thankful every day that I did because it’s really made life simple. I worked a ton when my oldest was born and have tailored my schedule up and down over the years as I’ve had more kids and infants around. It’s humble, great work to be a nurse and it’s the same to be a mom! It fits well. :) Though third shift with those two year olds can be tough! They don’t get the concept of sleep! 😀

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