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Powling Family Goes Rollerblading

By: Sarah Powling   For those of you who don’t know us, we’re the Powlings, a fun, physical, and very accident-prone family. So what better activity for us to try? Why, rollerblading, of course. (What was I thinking!?) After a very long winter, the weather finally decided to cooperate; and we had a couple of […]

Snow Day Activities

  It’s that time of year when the snow begins accumulating and the winter outdoor activities such as sledding, skiing, and making snowmen take over our children’s lives. Let’s face it, the winter wonderland is quite beautiful, but we all know when the snowstorms come school cancelations become a reality. And for parents, school cancellations […]

So Thankful

By: Sue Anganes         This year, I am thankful for still being able to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with my parents.     I am thankful for occasionally getting most of my kids together in one place at the same time.       I’m thankful that my grandkids live right […]

A Cool Summer Snack – Tzatziki

By: Sue Anganes   Sometimes when it gets super hot and muggy I don’t feel much like eating, or even cooking for that matter. Here’s a recipe that’s super easy to make and is also healthy. It’s great for a light lunch, or an afternoon snack. I love to eat it with pita chips, pita […]