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Time Is A Relative Thing

By: Amy Dienta   Time is this relative thing. For example, do I have time this morning to cook my kids eggs or put on accessories and earrings and give the kids food in the car on the way? Do I have time to actually get to work without baby puke, snot, or smudges on […]

Inevitable Diaper Blowouts?

By: Jillian What’s up with the weight ranges on diapers? I’m always guessing which size best fits my kiddo. I don’t always know his current weight. It seems like the real measurement should be more exact. Regardless of weight, I move up a size when I see lines on my kiddos legs from where the […]

Kid Art and Craft “Hacks”

By: Jenna Mahoney-Pierce   Making art and craft projects with your little one is such a fun experience…but it can be very messy, or complicated. I love letting my child explore materials for a sensory activity while also getting a one-of-a-kind piece of art to cherish. I also know there are a bunch of parents cringing […]

Fire Safety for Kids

By: Sue Anganes   Dear Teddy, I realize that you won’t read this until after you get home from camp, but just know that I rescued you today at 5:11 am when our fire alarm went off. I ran to your room first and stood stunned when you were not there. It took me a […]

Summer Gratitude

By: Cassie Van Der Hyde   This has been one busy summer. All the things I was daydreaming about back in the chilly days of April: sitting on the deck while the kids play in the sunshine, day trips to the beach, getting together with friends most days of the week, taking a little time […]