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6 Things I Wish People Understood About Bipolar Disorder

As a woman who has dealt with bipolar disorder (manic-depression) for many years, I have experienced a variety of responses to and misconceptions about the disease. Here are 6 of the many things that I wish people understood about bipolar: 1. I feel like I have to hide who I am and what goes on with me if […]

Caring For Kids When You’re Sick

By: Justina Scharf   A couple weeks ago when the bomb cyclone, Winter Storm Grayson, hit our area, the flu cyclone also hit my house. My 3 and 6 year old boys were both down for the count…but so was mom. So as a single mom, when everyone is sick you want to just huddle down […]

Snow Day Activities

  It’s that time of year when the snow begins accumulating and the winter outdoor activities such as sledding, skiing, and making snowmen take over our children’s lives. Let’s face it, the winter wonderland is quite beautiful, but we all know when the snowstorms come school cancelations become a reality. And for parents, school cancellations […]

New Year, New Goals

Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? The Merrimack Valley moms are sharing some of theirs to help you get started. Share yours with us in the comments!   Amy: To not let little things stress me out.  Danielle: I always go into the New Year will be big ideas of grandeur! In 2018, I […]

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

The holidays are a magical time to share with family and friends, so some of our bloggers wanted to share some of their favorite holiday memories and traditions. Share yours with us in the comments!   Jacqueline: One of our favorite Christmas traditions is the day after thanksgiving we go out as a family and we […]