6 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

6 Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution
January 19, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Danielle McFadden

6 Tips

We are now entering the third week of January and for many of us the novelty of the New Year has begun to wear off. “Life changing” resolutions have fallen to the wayside and old habits have prevailed. Let’s not beat ourselves up over this… As moms we are busy. And it’s particularly difficult when we devise a long list of these “life changing” resolutions. As fabulous as we are, it’s simply not realistic to think our hectic lives can endure so much change all at once. Especially since this change is dependent entirely on us.

I am guilty. I had a long list of resolutions… save money, spend less, lose weight… pie in the sky goals. As I sit and reflect I’ve decided to give myself credit for the things I have accomplished since turning the calendar to 2015. Feel like you’re in a similar boat? Here are some ways to ensure that your resolutions will be going strong long into 2015 and beyond: 

  1. Pick one or two resolutions and stick with them: Let’s face it. Maybe of our resolutions are now ghosts of New Year’s past. I vowed to read a page of The Daily Carrot Principle every day and complete the exercise that goes along with it. Well, that lasted 5 days. On the flipside, I have had take-out once (at work or home) and I’ve made sure that there are no dishes in the sink when I go to bed. It’s the small triumphs.
  1. Have a concrete goal in mind: If you want to lose weight, it’s not enough to just say that you are going to lose weight. Be specific: I’d like to lose 10 pounds by St. Patrick’s Day. You are more likely to stick with a goal if it is specific. It’s also a lot more rewarding when you set a goal and accomplish it.
  1. Talk about it: Let your husband, partner, friends or even social media followers know how you are accomplishing your resolutions. In many cases someone that you know is working on the same goal as you are! Life is always sweeter with a strong support system.
  1. Track your progress: Keep a daily journal about your progress. How do you feel? What are you doing to stick with your resolutions? Have a smartphone? Use the notes app to keep track.
  1. Reward yourself: At the end of month treat yourself to something special. Maybe you’ll allow yourself a night out with the girls or a latte from Starbucks. Whatever your fancy is, indulge a little to celebrate your ongoing success!
  1. Keep trying: Don’t give up if you have an off day. You’re still much closer to accomplishing your goals than you were on December 31st. Celebrate that and remember that each day is a clean slate and a new opportunity!

What tips do you have? Comment below or send a tweet to @dmcfaddenlowell.

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