A Family Blessing

A Family Blessing
May 18, 2016 Our Circle of Moms


By: Sue Anganes


My husband and grandson are almost The Birthday Boyexactly 54 years apart. That makes it convenient to double up on a birthday party! My daughter hosted the event, and it was so much fun. Since it was my grandson’s first birthday, his other two grandparents and his great grandfather flew here from Virginia to celebrate. My husband and I, as well as my parents, also attended. The birthday boy had all four of his grandparents and three of his great grandparents in attendance. Along with the older relatives, many of the aunts and uncles also came to the party.

What a blessing!

The birthday boy unwrapped a few presents with the help of his older brother and sister; his favorite being a Spin-and-Say farm animal toy. He had help blowing out his candle, but ate two pieces of cake on his own. The older two siblings were laughing their heads off at the cake disaster he created. While my daughter put him in the tub to clean the cake off of his hair, face, hands and clothes, I cleaned off the highchair.

What a mess!

Birthday cardEven though a first birthday is such a special event, my husband’s birthday wasn’t forgotten. The grandkids gave him cards that they made themselves, and he got to blow out candles on a cake of his own. He, however, did use a fork to eat his cake so he didn’t need a bath afterwards.

All in all, the birthday was simple, but wonderful. It was so nice to have four generations at the party. I think that was what made it an extra special day.

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