A Holiday Tradition

A Holiday Tradition
December 6, 2011 jflojennings

By Dawn Thompson

I read this wonderful story once about a mother who was teaching her young daughter the importance of family tradition for a perfect Holiday dinner. As she placed the pot roast on the counter for trimming, she explained that the final result would be a tender, juicy roast if you cut 3 inches off of one end and about an inch off of the other.

The inquisitive little girl wanted to know why.  Her mother said she never questioned why and responded, “Because this is how your grandma did it.”

Later that evening the mother called HER mother and asked what cutting off the end of the roast did for the meat.

To the mother’s surprise, she was told, “That’s the only way it would fit in the pot!”

One of my favorite Holiday traditions was baking with my grandmother. She had a box full of our favorite Holiday recipes and year after year, without question, we would make these goodies and everyone would count on them for dessert. One of my specialties was making the famous”rum balls.” They didn’t have any rum in them, and I didn’t like coconut, but I did know that they were a Holiday tradition and everyone counted on them.

That was good enough to make them one of my favorites to make with my grandmother.

Things have changed since I was little, and this will be my dear grandmother’s first Chirstmas in Heaven. I am forever grateful for the traditions she handed down to me so I could pass on to my children, and them to theirs.

Happy Holidays from the Thompson family. Wishing everyone a joyous season, and may you always remember: Its not the size of the pot that matters!  :)


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  1. My big brother Keith and I when we were little at my grandmothers house :)

  2. Jennifer 9 years ago

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful holiday story rich in family. Today it is easy to get caught up in the rush of the season and forget to enjoy it. Traditions are a wonderful way to remember and honor our loved ones that have passed on. Thank you!

  3. I miss my grandmom too! Grandmothers always had a way of making every holiday special. I don’t know how my grandmom had the chance to do all the baking she did before Christmas- she didn’t have a dishwasher or clothes dryer, and she sewed her own dresses. She always gave each of our families big boxed of homemade cookies of all different types and assortments. I think my mom must have all the recipes now, but I have never had any of those special cookies since my grandmom passed away.

    Merry Christmas, Dawn!

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