A New Type of Goal-Setting

A New Type of Goal-Setting
January 12, 2021 Our Circle of Moms

By: Emily Matthews

New Year’s resolutions have always resonated with me. I love the idea of a fresh start coupled with the belief that I have the ability to accomplish my goals. To me, there is something beautiful and worthy about envisioning what could be.

Each year, my family has a “Lasso the Moon” goal-setting breakfast. This idea was birthed from the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” where the main character tells his date that he would “lasso the moon” for her. With this in mind, we come to Lasso the Moon with the idea that we can accomplish big, bold things both for ourselves and each other. Each family member proceeds to set any number of goals, and we list them while sipping hot cups of coffee (or hot chocolate for the kiddos) and eating a delicious breakfast.

One important piece of our Lasso the Moon breakfast is that we choose both goals and intentions. This is how we view goals vs. intentions: goals are for the future, and intentions are for the present. For example, one of my goals is to lose 15 pounds this year. Within that goal, my intention is to live each day in a way that brings clarity and wellbeing, and that makes my body feel good, knowing that I feel best eating whole foods with less salt and processed sugar and partaking in 30 minutes of moderate to intense movement each day. The goal is where I hope to end up, but the intention is what I want to be and feel in the present moment, apart from the 15 pounds that I may or may not lose. The intentions surrounding my 15-pound goal could also be to enjoy cooking delicious, healthy meals, to cherish family walks, and to respect all my body is capable of.

With that being said, I want to offer a quick glance into my family’s goals and intentions for 2021, offering one goal and one intention from each family member.

Sarah, 14:

Goal: To score five goals this soccer season

Intention: To give it her all in every practice, enjoy her teammates, and to respect and follow her coach’s advice to the best of her ability

Connor, 8:

Goal: To master 15 new songs on the piano

Intention: To play piano every day, taking the time to focus in on his not-so-favorite parts, like Theory


Goal: To start my professional photography business

Intention: To prioritize creative projects and share them freely (without striving for perfection) on my social platforms

My husband, Todd:

Over the years, my husband has found that goals don’t work for him, and that’s okay! Being prone to self-disappointment, Todd stays away from creating goals that could be labeled as a “fail.”  

However, his intention for the year is to pursue health. He wants to elevate his mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health through counseling, movement, nutrition, and close friendships.

As a family, we understand that all of these goals may not come to fruition. Truth be told, the majority of them could go undone. But we believe in setting our intentions. We believe the future is a gift, as is hope. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that each moment is precious. We don’t set goals and intentions to escape from the present moment, but to experience the present with more hope, depth, and presence.

Happy 2021, my fellow Merrimack Valley Moms!  

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