A Thankful Thanksgiving

A Thankful Thanksgiving
November 21, 2016 Our Circle of Moms

By: Sue Anganes


Nothing ever stays the same. We often strive for tradition during the holiday season, but usually life does not allow us to do things the same way every year; kids grow older, new babies join the fold, marriage expands the family, and loved ones are lost. My secret to enjoying the holidays without stress is to be thankful for the people and loved ones around me. I try to focus on the things that truly matter—people and relationships—and try not to let the little details of the holidays become overwhelming.

This year, members of my extended family are moving to Europe for a couple of years due to a job assignment. My family will be joining their family for our Thanksgiving feast. We haven’t celebrated with them in the past, but this year our celebration will be all the more special, but also bittersweet. We will have one last large family gathering before we lose them for a couple of years. We will all be bringing our favorite dishes and desserts to share, and hopefully be relieving some of the cooking burden for our hostess. 

Because I won’t be hosting and making the turkey at my house this year, I’m buying and saving a big bird in my freezer to cook some time mid-December when we will have another mini Thanksgiving feast at home. No one can ever have enough turkey leftovers! 

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