A Time Out for Mom

A Time Out for Mom
January 26, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Vallery Schofield- Miller

I bet if you asked any Mom who is with her children non-stop what their one wish would be, the majority of them would probably tell you they’d like some downtime just for themselves. Or what I like to call, a Mommy “time out!”

A Mommy “time out” is making time every so often for anything you need or want to do just for yourself. This does not include going shopping for groceries, kid things, or household items.  This is an actual few hours for you to enjoy doing something for yourself. This might be a hobby you enjoy doing, going shopping, working out, or catching up with friends. As most moms can attest to, we need this time to revive ourselves…otherwise we’d go crazy!

imgresI know my time outs are extremely rare.  I spend most of my days chugging along doing housework, laundry, taking care of kids, working, grocery shopping and the list goes on. I try to find time for myself to do something I enjoy, but I’ve found that it gets harder as the kids get older and begin having active social lives.

Right now I am planning my “time out” for this Saturday night. The plan is to go to dinner with friends. We are all excited to try this “haunted” restaurant we’ve all heard about.  Apparently, there have actually been stories written about supernatural actives that have taken place there and weird things that have happened to customers and the staff. As excited as I am for my “time out” I’m actually a little nervous! Hopefully nothing too intense or scary will happen during dinner.

As I sit here typing this I am listening to the news and they are saying there is the possibility of a snowstorm this weekend- which does not make me happy! Let’s hope it passes without much being left in its wake! I already have my outfit picked out, so please Mother Nature, be nice!

I say goodnight now and I hope all you Moms are served a “time out” soon!


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