Act Globally, Blog Locally

Act Globally, Blog Locally
May 17, 2010 jflojennings

Mommy blogs are one of the hottest trends going right now.  Moms are following the bloggers because they are writing as a real life mother, wife, provider, child of older parents, professional, mother of twins and everything in between.

We’ve asked Merrimack Valley moms to join the blogging revolution.  Over the past two weeks, we’ve posted fun links on Lowell General Hospital’s Facebook page to help spark some ideas.  From interviewing your mom, or having your child interview you, to tips on saving money on groceries, to fun videos that are mom-specific.

There are a lot of great mom blogs out there.  And they vary greatly, from parenting to coping and product reviews to coupons.  But the one thing they sorely lack is a local perspective.  Merrimack Valley Mom Blog aims to be a local resource, a one stop shop for moms chock full of all kinds of information.  A local blog by area moms exclusive to the Merrimack Valley.

But let’s start small.  Look at this great list of blog post ideas.  While simple, they can provide a wealth of information to help other moms.  For instance, your daily routine might help another mother streamline her daily routine, whether it’s a shortcut in Lowell or an organizing tip that saves a few steps.  Being a mother is a tough job.  Blogging about it is the fun part!

There are 101 simple thought starters in the list.  Pick one.  Visit our Facebook page and post a short narrative based on your selection.  You could win $250 and become a featured mommy blogger!  Click here to see the low down on the mom blog contest.

Blog locally.  Area moms will thank you.

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