An Argument Worth Its Weight in Salt

An Argument Worth Its Weight in Salt
July 9, 2020 Our Circle of Moms

By: Emily Matthews

And a pinch of salt

So lately (for obvious reasons), I’ve been buying more items on Amazon, including some groceries that are either non-perishable or hard to find at the store. You know things like toilet paper, rice, flour, and spices.

The deals on Amazon are usually better for these kind of items in bulk. Apparently, my husband had not really seen the majority of these shipments come in. Not that I was hiding them; it’s just that his home office isn’t that close to the door so he never really had reason to grab the packages when they were dropped off. That was until last Friday. He happened to be in the kitchen with me when the knock on the door came. I was up to my elbows in dishes, so I asked him to grab that package.

“O, what did you order?”

“I think that should be the salt,” I replied, not giving it a seconds thought. I’d ordered Morton’s lite salt, as our local store had been sold out for months and we were precariously low.

As he walked back from retrieving the package, he told me it couldn’t possible be salt as it was far too heavy and the box was too large.

“That should be right. I ordered a 4 pack.”

My husband was shocked, “Why do we need 4 salts?

“We don’t need all 4 now, but they don’t go bad; and it was much cheaper to buy 4 than 1. I got all four of these for $16 rather than paying $7 for one.” To me this was infallible logic.

To my husband this was just bad math.

“Em, $16 is more than $7. We didn’t need 4; we just needed 1.”

Round and round it went with me arguing that price per item factors in if the item is non-perishable, with him countering that buying more than we need is still more expensive. Neither of us gave ground, both of us left thinking we were right.

Fast forward to a conversation with his family. Wouldn’t you know that his mother and sister sided with me and brother and father sided with him.

We laughed it off as a difference in how men and women think. 

However, going forward I think I’ll make sure to grab those bulk packages off the doorstep.


Who do you agree with, Emily or Steven? What are some differences in thinking you’ve had with your significant other? Tell us in the comments!

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