And the Winner Is…

And the Winner Is…
May 1, 2014 Kate Rudy

By: Sue Anganes

Last week, when the weather turned mild, I went next door to my daughter Cassie’s house to visit for a while and watch my grandchildren Amelia and Elias play outside. Yes, before you ask, she lives next door just like in the Big Fat Greek Wedding movie. And no, we didn’t buy the house for my daughter and son-in-law; they chose to buy it, right next door, three years after they were married!

Cassie giving her kids a piggyback rideWhile the kids were running around in the grass, Amelia, who is four years old, suddenly announced that she needed to use the bathroom.

“Open the storm door and go use the bathroom,” Cassie casually told her, not wanting to get up from her sunny spot on the grass.

“I can’t open the door,” Amelia complained.

“Of course you can,” replied Cassie, ”just push the button on the handle and pull the door open at the same time.”

Amelia was obviously put out that she wasn’t going to have a full-service doorman to open the door for her, so she used the tip of her pointer finger to push the button on the door handle just as if she were pushing en elevator button.

“It won’t open!” Amelia announced.

“Push and pull at the same time!” Cassie retorted, “Just try!”

Amelia flopped down on the deck like a fish. She moped. Five minutes later she was still moping. Ten minutes into the whole event she was still moping but also squirming around on the deck. We both knew that she could open the door; it was just that she just didn’t want to try. We also knew that she was soon going to wet her pants! After about thirteen minutes,  Amelia burst up from her moping, floppy state on the deck, grabbed the door handle, opened the door like she’d done it her whole life and went in to use the bathroom. Two minutes later she was back outside with a smile on her face just as if the whole incident never took place.

I turned to Cassie and gave her a high-five.

“You did it, Mommy! You won this round.” Now, onto the next round ……whatever that may be tomorrow….

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