Arrow Valentine Cards

Arrow Valentine Cards
February 10, 2017 Our Circle of Moms

By: Susan Turk


My daughter has a Valentine’s Day party at school this year and it’s one of those where every child gives everyone else in the class a Valentine. It’s sweet and inclusive making sure that nobody’s feelings get hurt, but buying those cards can be difficult if you’ve waited until the last minute like me and the good ones at the corner drugstore are sold out and the snowstorm outside is keeping you from going anywhere else.

So this year we decided to make our cards out of stuff we already had and added bonus it gave us something to do while we were stuck inside with the snow.


You’ll Need:

– Scissors

– Colored paper

– Glue stick

– Laffy Taffy Rope (any kind of long candy will also work)


1. Fold paper in half and cut out a three large hearts. This will ensure that all of the hearts are about the same size and shape. (Don’t let young children use scissors)20170209_130016

2. Glue two of the hearts together with the top of a Laffy Taffy Rope between them. This will be the arrowhead.

3. Fold four hearts in half vertically. Glue two of the folded hearts together. Do the same with the remaining two hearts. Then glue the two pairs of feather hearts together with the bottom of the Laffy Taffy Rope in the middle. This will serve as the feathers.

4. Repeat as many times as necessary for the kids in the class and decorate as you want. (We just wrote names on ours)



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