Babysitting–Is Your Child Ready or Not?

Babysitting–Is Your Child Ready or Not?
October 12, 2017 Our Circle of Moms

By: Erica Williams

Girl babysitting

A few months ago, my twelve-year-old daughter came to me and said she wanted to start babysitting. It seems her best friend had started and was making shopping money and she wanted some of that for herself.

I remember starting to babysit when I was about her age but it was terrifying to think that my baby would be on her own watching another baby. How did I prepare her?

I started looking into different options and found the Babysitting Basics Class at Lowell General Hospital.

I’m so glad she went! She met with kids around her age to learn things that I only wished I known at her age, including CPR!

I highly recommend that any parent that has a daughter or son that is wanting to start babysitting take the course at Lowell General. They will learn a lot and get tips on safety and child care. It will give them confidence going into their first job and you peace of mind knowing they have the tools to succeed.

My daughter has been babysitting using the skills she learned in her class and loving it and the money she’s been making for those weekend shopping trips with her friends.


You can find out more info on the Babysitting Basics Class at

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