Back to School Means Back to Crazy

Back to School Means Back to Crazy
August 15, 2017 Our Circle of Moms

By: Nancy Anderson


Back To School.

No three words are so likely to bring so much excitement and so much dread to children and parents alike as back to school.

After weeks of my kids telling me how bored they are, sending them back to school always seems so thrilling…until I start looking at all of the things that I need to do to get them ready to head back. Things I’ve been pushing off all summer.

20170814_180157On top of carts full of school supplies and new shoes and clothes, there’s also the physicals and shots they need; orientations and open houses to attend; and tryouts and practices to shuffle kids to. Added to all of the other things being a mom of three entails, it can get overwhelming!

Since my youngest is starting kindergarten this year, I’m dealing with the flood of emotions that come with that. I mean, I know that him being at school during the day will give me the opportunity to get more things done around the house, but I’m going to miss hanging out with my little buddy.

So inevitably, I’ll end up filling the hours between dropping and picking up kids from two separate schools volunteering and being a mom taxi, transporting my kids from one recital to the next soccer game to band practice and the myriad of other activities and errands that need to be done.

For the next few months, I can already tell you, this is going to be one overwhelmed mama!


Any tips you can share to help ease the back to school craziness and empty house blues would be greatly appreciated!

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