Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips
August 31, 2010 jflojennings

By Amy Dienta

My son will be switching schools as we have recently moved to a different zone in Lowell.  When we first approached him about changing schools he was fearful about changing.  He cried and pleaded to stay at his old school.  I felt horrible switching him to the neighborhood school.

When my husband got home we went to see the school building.  It is surrounded by trees and has a huge playground.  We let him play in the playground and then we played a family game of soccer in the field.

He then decided that he liked the school and was okay with switching.

I thought I’d share some tips that helped my family prepare for the first day of school:

1.    Start putting the child to bed on a school schedule a few weeks before school starts.
2.    Let the child pick out what they want for lunch on the first few days.
3.    Send lunch money in case all the other kids are buying lunch.
4.    Let your child pick out their perfect backpack.

You may not like the cheap plastic Spiderman bag but your child will love it and all the other kids will have the same one!

5.    If you know a parent of another child in the school try and arrange a meeting for the kids.  My friend’s children, for instance, attend my son’s new school.
6.    Read the pile of papers that come home the first day and keep them for future reference.  There is usually a welcome letter from the principal, info from the teacher and paperwork you will need to fill out.
7.    Buy a few necessary school items, but wait until after the first day to buy most of the supplies.  Teachers will pass out lists of supplies needed.
8.    I always put together a package for the classroom filled with hand sanitizer, tissues, stickers and a snack.  My son brings it on the first day of school and gives it to the teacher.
9.    Put a note in your child’s lunch box or backpack saying you love them.

10.     You can only drop your child off for their first day of school once, so take lots of pictures!

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  1. Tiffany MacKay 10 years ago

    Geat post Amy. I love the tips some of the things you recommended my mother did for me when I was growing up and they made such a difference in my day and my time at school. The one that I loved the best when I was a kid was the note in the lunch box or in my backpack. My mom even did it when I went away to college. She stuck cards and notes in different areas of my dorm room so that I found them throughout the first month of being away from home. It was such as great pick me up when I was feeling homesick.

  2. Meredith McKay 10 years ago

    What a great idea of going to the school grounds before hand to get him used to it. Great tips for parents!

  3. Rachael Williams 10 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this posting. I have two little guys that are four and six. We stick to a tight schedule when school is in session. It has helped the boys as well as our family. I let my boys help pack their lunch and pick their clothes out before bedtime each night. Just the other day I put a little “lunch box note” in my six year olds lunch and did not tell him. I surprised him this particular day and showed up to have lunch with him. As he was unpacking his lunch (at the lunch table with all his little friends around) he pulled the note out that read “you make me smile, i love you my sunshine.” He turned to me and gave me the biggest hug at the lunch table. My heart just melted. He asked me the other day “mom I have not gotten any notes lately in my lunchbox.” So, I think I will surprise him tomorrow.

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