Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety
September 20, 2012 jflojennings

You’d do anything to protect your child. You tell them never to talk to strangers, you always hold their hand when crossing a crosswalk, you run and snatch them up if they fall off the monkey bars (even when you know it’s just a scratch). It’s instinct! Once you have a child, every breath you take for the next 20 years, and often many years beyond that, is baited with concerns for their safety.

Have you thought about their safety when you take them to daycare, school, or even little league practice? The answer is maybe not as much as you should be.

Recent studies show that parents are making significant mistakes when using car seats and booster seats for children. A full 20 percent of parents fail to read instructions on how to properly install child safety restraints! But seriously, who ever reads the instructions? It’s completely intuitive. However, significant mistakes are being made during the installation process. Transportation officials are doing their best to encourage all moms and dads check to make sure they’re driving safely with our most precious cargo.

Common mistakes include: wrong harness slot used, improper harness/chest clip position, loose installation, loose straps and improper lap belt placement. Have you been keeping these little details in mind?

Children between the ages of one to three should remain in a rear-facing car seat until they reach the height or weight limit, while ages four to seven should remain in forward-facing car seats. Car crashes are the leading killer of children ages one to 12 in the United States. It’s critical that parents are doing everything they can to reduce these statistics! So the next time you’re strapping the helmet on your toddler so he can ride his tricycle, remember that it is equally important to buckle that car seat, and make sure it’s fastened correctly!

For more information and some helpful links, check out this story from CNN.

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