Celebrating Mother’s Day Looks Different in 2020

Celebrating Mother’s Day Looks Different in 2020
May 7, 2020 Our Circle of Moms

Hey Dads, this post is for you. (Moms, feel free to forward this post along to your significant other.)

This Mother’s Day looks different, really different. Most likely the moms out there have been playing referee, teacher, significant other, mom, and for some even employee or boss. They deserve some recognition. Usually our kids are bringing home cute little thumbprint drawings, handprint cards, or flowers that their teachers help them with (re: basically do for them). So it’s up to all of us to step up and find ways to honor these women in our lives who are bearing a new and unexpected burden at a time when spas aren’t open.

Here are 5 quick ideas for the Moms in your Life:

Old-fashioned Coupon Books

Looking for something that you and the kids can easily get in on? Why not try a coupon book that she can redeem later. Classic staples include: Snuggle time, Unlimited Hugs, Room Clean-up (without complaint), Laundry (washed, folded, AND put away), Cooking Dinner.

Some fun ideas to consider in light of the quarantine: A day of entertaining the kids, Handling the grocery run, and disinfecting common areas of the house.

Need ideas to get you and the kids started on crafting your own (or really just need them done for you)? Visit this blog for a free download of the coupon book shown 

Virtual Tours

Does she love museums, zoos, or theme parks? Sit the family down and offer to virtually explore somewhere with her. Good Housekeeping has posted a list of virtual tours.

Breakfast in Bed

This one is a classic, go-to staple. This year with limited grocery trips and available ingredients, it might just be more meaningful since anything will need to be thought through and planned in advance. And don’t forget to clean up the kitchen when you’re done!

Video communication

Family Video Call

Whether she’s just missing family or you have immediate family members that can’t be together, getting everyone on a video call can really be an inexpensive gift. But coordinating schedules isn’t easy so you better get started now!

Drive-in Movie Night

This has long been a favorite of ours. We use a projector to watch movies against the wall of our garage. It helps that the door is large and white, but for those that don’t have that, the side of a house or a light colored sheet work well also. To make it more authentic, we make popcorn and curl up in the back of our SUV with blankets and pillows.

Bad weather or no way to get ahold of a projector? No problem! Just pile up pillows and blankets on the floor of your living room and make a tent and that same cozy feeling can be achieved.

Meal of Her Choice, delivered

Time’s are tough for many, which is why this one is toward the end of our list. However, if you can support a local business and celebrate the mom in your life I’ve included links for local cities that tell what area restaurants are still open and how you can get their food (i.e. pick-up, delivery, etc.)


Hope this helps as you celebrate during this strangest of times!

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