Comprehensive Services

Through the partnership, physicians from Tufts Children’s Hospital are here in the Merrimack Valley. They provide emergency pediatric care, 24/7 care for hospitalized children, and outpatient specialty care through the Tufts Children’s Hospital Pediatric Specialty Center at Lowell General Chelmsford. The partnership also includes a Maternal Fetal Medicine program, providing specialized prenatal care for women with high-risk pregnancies.

Maternal/Fetal Medicine

The Maternal Fetal Medicine program at Lowell General Hospital includes outpatient prenatal diagnostic ultrasound and procedures such as amniocentesis, including genetic counseling and counseling about issues related to high-risk pregnancies. The program is staffed with specialists from Tufts Medical Center, so women can receive advanced prenatal care close to home. Another benefit is that, if complications occur and require you to deliver your baby in Boston, you’ll be familiar with the specialists. You’ll find it reassuring to have this continuity of care. Of course our goal is to get you back to Lowell General—and home—as soon as possible.

Special Care Nursery

Through the partnership with Tufts Children’s Hospital, the Level IIB Special Care Nursery at Lowell General provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. Board Certified neonatologists from Tufts Children’s Hospital are on-site 24/7. The nursery is especially important for infants born prematurely, infants with feeding difficulties, and those with other medical issues requiring close monitoring and assessment.

Emergency Services

Through our partnership, pediatric hospitalists from Tufts Children’s Hospital are available to provide on-site consultative services to Lowell General’s Emergency Department. Together, we are committed to providing exceptional pediatric emergency care close to home.


Think of a pediatric hospitalist as your child’s best friend at the hospital and expert guide. A hospitalist is a board-certified pediatrician who specializes in the care of children admitted to a hospital. The pediatric hospitalists at Lowell General are specialists from Tufts Children’s Hospital. They are on the pediatric unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide highly individualized care. The hospitalist also serves as a connection to other specialists, and works closely with your child’s pediatrician or family physician.

Emergency Transport Services

Most conditions requiring a child to be hospitalized can be handled by the hospitalists and pediatricians on site at Lowell General. If your child needs an even more advanced level of care, they can be seamlessly transferred to Tufts Children’s Hospital at Tufts Medical Center. Tufts Children’s Hospital and Lowell General have a special transport ambulance to ensure a safe and rapid transfer to Boston.

Pediatric Specialty Center

Some of the country’s best pediatric specialists are available to see patients on an outpatient basis at the Tufts Children’s Hospital Pediatric Specialty Center at Lowell General Chelmsford. The Center covers multiple specialties, including: cardiology, gastroenterology, developmental-behavioral pediatrics, endocrinology, genetics, hematology/oncology, nephrology, neurology, pulmonology and rheumatology. To make an outpatient appointment, call the Pediatric Specialty Center at 978-937-6362. Click here to get more information or to meet our specialists.