Contest Deadline Extended!

Contest Deadline Extended!
May 24, 2010 jflojennings

Moms deserve a long weekend.  An honest to goodness, no strings attached long weekend.  A long weekend as a reward, not a long weekend to catch up on errands, or work or anything that resembles a deadline-driven task.  With  Memorial Day fast approaching, Merrimack Valley Moms has decided to practice what we preach.  No more deadline.

We know how busy moms are, so we thought we’d extend the Mom Blog Contest for two weeks.  Enjoy the long weekend doing what you love, with those you love.  Enjoy it and take some extra time to craft your entry and post it on Lowell General Hospital’s Facebook page.  Just select ‘Like’ and you’re ready to type.  Give us tips for planning the perfect weekend getaway.  Or let us know what you did with your long weekend.

The Merrimack Valley Mom Blog wants to be mom’s resource about the area by area moms.  Check out some general time saving tips here.  Do you have any tips or secrets to share?  One of the most common compliments mom blogs receive is, “You’ve helped find a couple extra minutes in my day.”

So, moms, here are a couple of extra weeks to get those entries in.

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