Cure the Rainy Day Blues

Cure the Rainy Day Blues
August 3, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Danielle McFadden 

As Moms, we all wish for sunny skies and warm weather all summer long. When the sun is shining there’s always something to do from playing at the park to spending the day at the beach. When we’re stuck inside it can be a whole other story… Here are a few ideas to help cure the rainy day boredom blues!

Fun with Stickers: You can’t go wrong with stickers and a stack of construction paper! At my house we are a big fan of the Melissa & Doug sticker books. You can usually find them at Marshall’s for $3.99 – a steal for hundreds of stickers!

Sand by Brookstone: All the fun of sand at the beach, without the mess! It’s soft, stretchy, sticks together and will provide hours of fun!

Paint Rocks or Shells: Next time you are at the beach or in the yard, collect some rocks or shells. Provide some paint and glitter and let your child’s imagination do the rest! The rocks or shells make great garden decorations or napkin weights when you’re eating al fresco.

Set Up a Craft Station: Collect buttons, postcards, magazines, beads, scraps, etc. and turn your kitchen into a craft station. You’ll be amazed what your budding artist will create!

Decorate Cookies: Purchase breakaway sugar cookies (or make some from scratch) and set up a decorating station complete with sprinkles, candy, frosting, food coloring and icing. It may be your most delicious project to day!

What are some of your cure-alls for rainy days?

Rainy Day Ideas

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