Diary of Starting Preschool

Diary of Starting Preschool
September 26, 2011 lghwell

Written by Mommy (Meredith McKay)

August 25:
Mia, today was your last day Debbie’s home daycare. You’ve been going there since you were 6 months old. Mommy took it very hard, and as we drove out of Debbie’s driveway you asked me why I was crying. I didn’t want to upset you and tell you that on Monday you would no longer be spending 5 days a week at Debbie’s comfy and familiar home. You would be going to Preschool, a building full of adults and other children that you don’t know yet; to play, learn, eat, and nap with. So I quickly responded, “Mommy is sad because summer is over.”  You said, “But Mama, it will be back.”

Mommy cried off and on for the next couple of days. I don’t do well with change, and this is a big one.

August 29:
Today was your first day of school, and you were so excited that I could barely get you to pose for a picture. Mommy and Daddy brought you to school. We helped you put your new backpack, lunch bag, and nap mat in your cubby. You didn’t cry, but let me know, “I’m gonna miss you”. I reassured you that I would be back.

Mia on her first day of preschool

Day 2:
You had a great day at school. At dinner you showed me how you raise your hand and say“Here” when your teacher takes attendance.

Day 3:
Rough morning…Mommy brought you to school. All the kids were playing outside. When I left and walked by the play area, you tried to climb the chain link fence. I saw your tears but I promised you that I would be back later. Mommy made it out of the school parking lot before breaking down in tears.

Labor Day weekend, a long weekend away from school, and I’m all ready dreading how your Tuesday morning drop off will be.

Day 6:
You started crying at home when I enthusiastically announced, “Mia, you’re going to school today!!!”  Through the tears you wailed, “I’m gonna miss you.” Mommy brought you in to school and as I was leaving, you ran ahead of me and tried to leave the building. Your teacher reassured you that I would come back later.

Days 7 and 8:
Daddy drove you to school without Mommy. Everything went so smoothly. I think this is the answer to the morning drop offs, and now Mommy feels silly for even second guessing my decision to send you fulltime.

Day 9 [September 12]:
You are 3 today! You lead the whole school for the Pledge of Allegiance and proudly waved the American flag. Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, and Grampy arrived at snack time with cupcakes for your class. Your classmates sang “Happy Birthday” and enjoyed the cupcakes. After the celebration you were not going to let any of us leave the preschool without you, so Grammy brought you to her house for your special day.

Leading the Pledge of Allegiance on Your 3rd Birthday

Days 10-15:
Daddy has been dropping you off every morning and Mommy picks you up after work.

Day 16:
After Daddy brought you to school, he sent Mommy a text that said, “Wow! The saddest thing ever. Mia chased me down the hall crying real tears. Made me tear up a little.” Now you know how I feel Daddy… 

We are now going on the fourth week of preschool and it has gotten easier for you, and easier for Mommy and Daddy. You are getting used to the routine and have made many friends. The teachers have told me that sometimes during the day you miss me, but it quickly passes and you have a great day. Mommy wants you to know that, “I will be back,” just like the summer!

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  1. Christine Lindberg 10 years ago

    I can so relate to this diary … I have a 5 year old son who just started Kindergarten and I’m keeping a journal called the “Kindergarten Chronicles.” I really believe the changes are harder on the parents than they are on the kids … by the time we drive out of the parking lot they are fine … it’s us who takes a week to get over the tears! Hang in there … it sounds like it’s already getting better!

  2. Jen 10 years ago

    That is awesome! Way to go Mommy, Daddy and Mia!!!

  3. Jen 10 years ago

    Way to go Mommy, Daddy and Mia! I love this story. xoxoxo

  4. Meredith McKay 10 years ago

    Thanks for the input! I love hearing the advice and experiences from other Moms!
    Some days are easier but this morning she cried and didn’t want Daddy to leave. I forgot to mention why I enrolled Mia in preschool, Mia was now the oldest at her home daycare and was starting to call herself “Baby Mia”, asking for a bottle and crawling again! After much thought and consideration, we decided she needed to be with other children closer to her age. It was a tough decision but everyone reassures me that we made the right choice.

  5. I love what you wrote Meredith! So glad to hear Mia is doing so well at preschool!

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