Do-Over Day

Do-Over Day
November 13, 2018 Our Circle of Moms

By: Jillian

Ever wish you could have a day that you could do over? Most people would pick a happy day to repeat, but I would go with the day when I injured my tailbone.

To be clear, I wouldn’t redo the day so that it would happen again. I would redo the day so that it didn’t happen. If you’ve ever had an injured coccyx, you know why! The pain is worse than childbirth because it lasts for weeks and really can’t be treated. Especially when you are pregnant!adult-affection-baby-755028

So this post is a cautionary tale of prevention so that you never experience the pain of falling flat on your butt!

If your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night, make sure you don’t attempt to pick your child up until you are awake enough to say the name of the US presidents backwards. Also be sure you have a night light in the room (some baby monitors come with these built in – worth the investment!). And above all, when you get your child and decide to rock your child in his or her room be sure  to put your hand out and wait until you feel the chair before beginning to sit down. Some parents avoid this problem all together by not picking their child up in the middle of the night but beware: a fall can happen any time.

Be sure to pay attention to your movements and take the time to care for yourself above your child. It’s like the airplane oxygen mask reminder – in order to help your child, you must be safe first. In this case, you want to be sure to practice some self care by getting good rest and asking for help when you feel run down.

Accidents do happen so prevention is key. That way you’ll know when the unanticipated happens there’s nothing you could have done differently. Listen to that still small voice inside of you. The one that told me to turn on our monitor night light for the first time in a long time the night I fell. Had I listened, I might not have injured myself so badly in my third trimester that my coccyx causes me constant  pain.

Then again, this incident made me appreciative of the plight of people who suffer from chronic pain. I am also very grateful that both my kids are okay. So as always, my perspective, that God allows everything to happen for a reason, remains in tact even as I struggle to sit, stand, and lay down on a daily basis several weeks after my fall. Still, my prayer is that you can learn from my experience so that you don’t have to think about why God allowed an accident in your life. 

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