Elf Down! Someone Call 911

Elf Down! Someone Call 911
December 22, 2011 jflojennings

By Meredith McKay

Some of you have found great luck with using the magical Elf on the Shelf to keep your children on their best behavior. I on the other hand, have not.

The other night, my usually well behaved 3 1/3 year old daughter, Mia, was having a temper tantrum of gigantic proportions. You know the ones when your child is overtired, gets upset by everything and anything, follows you around the house and throws herself on every dirty or clean floor in your house while not listening to a word you say.

At this point I had enough and placed Mia in timeout (the staircase in our living room). As she slid down the stairs on her back in hysterics, I spotted “Cheeky Francis,” the name of our Elf on the Shelf. Quickly I picked up the shifty-eyed elf and held him in front of Mia and said,

“I hope Cheeky Francis doesn’t tell Santa about your tantrum!”

As quick as a wink, Mia grabbed Cheeky from me and tore his cute, sewn together little hands apart and threw him down the stairs. I stared in awe at Cheeky’s lifeless body at the bottom of the stairs and couldn’t help but giggle inside.

Elf down!

I picked up our still smiling elf and asked, “Are you okay?” to show Mia my concern for her destructive Incredible Hulk-like behavior.

She yelled, “Mama, Put him back down, Put him back down!”

It was then that I realized this infamous elf doesn’t hold any power against my precious yet precocious girl.

About a half hour later, Mia apologized to me and asked in her sweetest voice if I would bring Cheeky Francis to the hospital to be fixed. I panicked inside because I don’t own a sewing kit or even a needle and thread, but still I said, “Yes.”

So that evening, as I regretted never being a Girl Scout, I did what any unprepared Mom would do: I carefully wrapped Cheeky Francis’ hands together with some gauze and put him high up in our Christmas Tree.

I will be sure to not put our Elf on the Shelf in low places anymore!

If you have the Elf on the Shelf, does his magic work on your children and what is he named?

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  1. Kristen Eriksen 10 years ago

    Ben and Charlotte have Parker, our Elf on the Shelf. Does it work? Well, basically, I think not! They have touched him (it is so hard to find enough high places!) and it didn’t even phase them. I remind them that he is watching and talking to the big guy. Sometimes they talk about or to him as they try to do something good. Overall, it kind of gets back to the issue I have with the threat of “having to be good so that Santa will bring you presents.” dilemna that I have, anyway.

  2. Our grand’s Elf on a Shelf is named Snarkle Michael…not sure where it came from, except the Micheal is in honor of our neighbor’s teenage son whom the adore…we found great delight in hiding him all over the house last year when the family was here…And, lo and behold, Snarkle Michael found his way to their new house in Ayer for Christmas this year…they love him and the threats of “Santa is watching through Snarkle Michael” work, at least for awhile….

  3. This is GREAT!! 🙂

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