Enjoy All the Tired, Messy, Blessed Moments

Enjoy All the Tired, Messy, Blessed Moments
July 22, 2016 Our Circle of Moms

By: Danielle McFadden



I don’t know about you, but bedtime in my house is a PRODUCTION. Zoe is almost three years old and has never been a great sleeper… I’ll take partial blame for that. When she was a baby, I never wanted to put her down. I relished the moments when she fell asleep on me. I also think that some babies and toddlers (much like adults) are just bad sleepers. She was never a good at napping and almost always wakes up in the middle of the night.

My little guy (Landry, 5 months), however, is already sleeping better than his big sis. I’ll take partial credit for that. I definitely put him down more than I put Zoe down. <Gasp!> I even put him down awake at night to go to sleep.

(Notice that I took blame for bad sleeping habits and credit for good ones…)

Okay… I really am going somewhere this story…

The other night, I was putting both kids to bed. Landry went down like an angel. I then read Zoe three books, talked about the day (a requirement in her routine) and scratched her back under her shirt (as requested). Just as she was about to fall asleep, she started playing with her stuffed animals and telling me that she was not going to fall asleep and that she was going downstairs. This was a good 45 minutes into the whole production.

I immediately thought, how many hours of my life in the past three years have I spent just laying with Zoe trying to get her to fall asleep? No wonder why my house isn’t as neat as I’d like it, dishes are in the sink, emails are unanswered… Then, something happened. I flipped my way of thinking. I laid there, in the moment, and thought about how twenty years from now, I will look back and wish I had an hour every day to cuddle with my little girl, to watch her play with her stuffed animals, sing made up songs and request that I scratch her back.

Sometimes, we are so caught up in the moment. We are tired. We are stressed. We are pulled in so many different directions… Working Mom, cook, housekeeper… all while holding on to a piece of our old selves.

From now on, I am going to try to be deliberate in my thinking. I am going to enjoy each tired, messy and incredibly blessed moment being a Mom to two amazing little beings.

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