Everything is New for a Day

Everything is New for a Day
April 30, 2018 Our Circle of Moms

By: Sue AnganesSoap Dishes


“Go wash your hands” were four simple words to my grandson. Later after he had gone home, I went into the bathroom. It was then I noticed my soap dish. I’m not referring to the “regular” soap dish, I’m referring to my new, birthday/Easter gift soap dish with the fancy tri-colored, multi layered, sparkly topped, virgin soap. It’s the one I have for display–the “grandmother-mother-in-law-aunt who lives alone” type soap display. Up until this point, no one in my family had dared touch it.

Used soapI found the soap on its side, fancy label pulled off, and bubbly from use. Next to the now defiled soap was my regular soap dish. This soap dish had a hodgepodge of various sized soaps–all different colors and scents that my husband regularly brings back from his trips while traveling for work. There’s a virtual Disneyland worth of enjoyment in my “regular” soap dish, but it wasn’t exciting enough to entice my grandson.

My sister once told me, “Everything is new for one day.” I think of it as, nothing is perfect. These things are always going to happen, so “go with the flow.” Don’t let things stress you out.

Turn back the hands of time to when we had installed a white tiled floor in our family room. I’m skilled at laying tile so I was the one who spent hours on my hands and knees, cutting and setting tile, and then later grouting it all to a spectacular finish. Now move forward in time, possibly a year or so later when the floor was still pristine. I observed my husband holding a big heavy gear that he had finished machining in our garage. In slow motion, I saw him fumble with the gear and watched as it dropped to my new white tiled floor and bounce across the tiles, chipping as it bounced along.

Everything is new for a day.

Once, when we were doing the finishing touches on an addition to our house, I returned to a room I had just painted to find that my four-year-old had taken a black ballpoint pen and had made a line completely around the empty room on the wall. It took three coats of paint over the pen mark to cover it up.

Everything is new for a day.

I could go on and on about these moments; the time a potato exploded in my oven on the VERY FIRST DAY that I cooked in it. Laying down new linoleum in the kitchen and gouging a big tear in it while pushing the refrigerator back into place–and these are the little things. Life can throw us some very big obstacles sometimes.

Broken things can be replaced. Someone will most certainly give me a new bar of soap for my birthday, tiles can be reset, and ovens can be cleaned. There is almost always a solution to our problems.New Day

When I wake in the morning, I say to myself, “It’s a new day.” I know that I will probably get numerous dings and chips throughout the day, but that’s how life is. I can’t let it stress me out. I can’t let it overwhelm me. Tomorrow will be a new day too. We always have a chance to start fresh again.



**In memory of my friend, Kim, who three years ago, let the chips and dings and obstacles in life overwhelm her:  





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