Featured Blogger Winners Announced!

Featured Blogger Winners Announced!
June 18, 2010 jflojennings

First and foremost, a huge thanks to all moms who submitted posts.  All of the entries were engaging, some funny and touching- many were all three!  The personalities varied greatly, all kinds of Merrimack Valley moms were well represented and the insights in each entry was amazing.  It was a very tough decision to pick just four.

We’ve asked you to hold your breaths for days, moms, so without further delay, meet your Merrimack Valley Mom Blog Featured Bloggers!

Tiffany Phillips MacKay

Tiffany will not only bring her unique perspective to help mothers on the “never-ending quest to wear the many hats that we have to wear today and to be able to do it all with grace and sense of humor,” but she’s also an employee of Lowell General Hospital.  She was brought on board in addition to the four featured mommy bloggers listed below to informally and honestly represent Lowell General Hospital within the online community, through her work and experience as a mother.  And she’ll be a great resource for the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog community to share their thoughts and ideas directly with Lowell General Hospital.

Jane Marshall
Chelmsford, MA
If you review the posts on Lowell General’s Facebook wall, you’ll see Jane everywhere.  As Mrs. Massachusetts 2010, she wears her crown well- promoting many great causes like Breast Cancer Awareness and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell.  Jane has a lot to offer as a mother of a 15 month old, a career woman and through her community reach.  As she puts it, “I have been blessed to meet so many different people from all different walks of life, and I am inspired to share.”

Amy Dienta
Lowell, MA
Born and raised in the area, Amy’s life is a constant live-wire act- from being a mom to being a professional, and the ferry to 8am soccer games.  In addition to her nostalgic and sweet tone, Amy’s submission is unique as she addresses mom-specific issues through the eyes of her growing son.  She writes with an interesting and vulnerable perspective on her son needing her less as he grows older, from tying his shoes to buying lunch in the school cafeteria.  Amy blogging about ‘while he is growing, I am growing at the same time’ will add a unique, and welcome, perspective on the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog.

Meredith McKay
Lowell, MA
Meredith has a fun writing style, admittedly likes to “over-research everything” (tricycles, most recently) and take on do it yourself projects like painting and distressing old furniture.  Meredith is a local mom and will be a great ‘roll up your sleeves and do it’ addition to the blog, as well as our go-to product review gal.  Now, if she could just invent something that adds more time to mornings…

Sabina Chen
Pelham, NH
Sabina offers a great and unique perspective in that she’s a “new mom at the ripe young age of 41.”  She “believes in the power of stories to build community.” Sabina is learning about the area and the adventures of motherhood at the same time.  She notes in her entry, “as an older mom, I’m less concerned with doing everything right and more interested in riding this crazy wave called parenthood.”  Sabina, we look forward to riding the wave with you in your posts on the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog!

Special Surprise Additions to the Mom Blog!

We’re not going to call them runners-up, or honorable mentions.  While they didn’t win the $250, the following moms are great bloggers with tons of support whose entries made it too hard to narrow the decision to four.  So we’re showcasing them here and inviting them to be guest bloggers on the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog.  And we’re putting together a pretty awesome consolation prize, too!  Their unique voices and spirited additions to the Lowell General Hospital Facebook page make them impossible to overlook.  So we’re not going to.

Shannon Kaiser
The ‘cheerleader.’  Handles being a mother of a seriously ill child with grace and enthusiasm.  Will be an inspirational voice to mothers with special needs children and we look forward to having her post as a guest blogger to share her experiences from time to time.

Kerri Stanley
Already an avid blogger, Kerri has a great online voice that’s very funny and poetic.  Kerri has four young boys and would love to share her knowledge and information while providing laughter needed in our everyday lives.

Karen Corbett Livernois
Also an avid blogger, Karen has four children from 15 months to 14 years old.  A guest post here and there to share her wealth of information on many different mommy topics will benefit many area mothers.

On behalf of Lowell General Hospital and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center, congratulations to all selected!  We are very excited to launch the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog and look forward to everyone’s input and posts!

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  1. Maureen Mitchell 12 years ago

    The three I as rooting for were your three runner ups. They are three amazing women! Thanks for not overlooking them!

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