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  • August 16, 2017 at 8:31 am #6479

    Hi!! My DD is 1 year old and I thought of stopping breastfeeding her in 3 months.
    I have been experiencing severe tooth pain for the past few days. I tried many natural remedies such as rinsing with salt water, applying garlic paste, etc. to get rid of the pain. The effect of this will last for only fewer minutes.
    One of my neighbors who is doing dental course said that I might be suffering from an abscessed tooth. She asked me to treat it asap. I just wonder if it’s safe to undergo any dental work while breastfeeding my little one.
    She said it would be better to extract the abscessed tooth before the infection spread. My husband has scheduled an appointment with an emergency dental care in Toronto to undergo tooth extraction. But before that, I would like to know the exact treatment for abscessed tooth. Also, if it’s safe to undergo this treatment while breastfeeding. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!

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