Fun Summer Activities to Keep the Boredom Away

Fun Summer Activities to Keep the Boredom Away
July 11, 2014 Kate Rudy

By: Abigail Ancherico, Guest Contributor

Don’t let boredom settle in this summer. Don’t worry if it’s not the summer for sleepaway camps because we have a fun itinerary planned for your kids.  From water balloon fights to backyard campouts, we have just the right activates to keep your kids, young and old, entertained.

Camping tentBackyard Campout

Travel no further than your backyard for old-fashioned fun. Pitch a tent and bring out sleeping bags all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your own yard. As an added bonus, the bathroom will be just a few steps away! With popcorn, flashlights and books you can turn the night into a real adventure. When the stars come out, your kids will feel like true campers.

When you’ve got lemons…

Teach your kids about owning a business by helping them start a lemonade stand. This fun and refreshing neighborhood pastime will have your kids busy all afternoon. All you’ll need is a table, lemonade, cups, and a sign to catch drivers’ attention. Beat the heat and add an umbrella for sun protection. If your kids aren’t satisfied with just lemonade, bring out some cookies or – better yet – turn it into a bake sale.


Documenting childhood memories takes time, but don’t feel overwhelmed. Your kids may enjoy helping out by scrapbooking and bringing out their inner-craftiness. With some color paper, stickers, and cool scissors your kids can turn pictures into works of art. You’ll have a fun time reliving all those past birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

A water park in your yard

Watering your yard with sprinklers while kids run around in their bathing suits is the ultimate idea of killing two birds in one stone. During hot summer days when your kids (and your lawn!) need some cooling off, turn on the hose and bring out the slip n slide for a water day without having to pack up and go to the pool.

Plant a garden

There is nothing like the responsibility and pride of growing a garden.  Watching flowers or produce grow is very rewarding and will keep your kids occupied each day. Tending to a garden requires attention and care, but doesn’t have to be done in a yard. Indoor containers or potting boxes on the porch are both great alternatives.

How do you keep your kids occupied during the school-free summer days?

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