Grow A Garden Anywhere

Grow A Garden Anywhere
August 23, 2017 Our Circle of Moms

By: Colin Thomas


I love to grow my own vegetables and herbs every summer and cherish the time I spend tending to the garden. Eating fresh vegetables and herbs grown from my garden tastes so much better than the ones I buy at a local grocery store. I recently moved into a new house with my wife and two kids and we didn’t have a big yard that allowed for a vegetable/herb garden so I decided to improvise.IMG_4181

My wife recently commissioned an artist out of Colorado to create two large hanging stained glass pieces that are hung in our dining room. Beautiful pieces, I must say. Since they were created in Colorado and I live in Massachusetts, they were very carefully shipped to us in large wooden shipping containers. Once we removed the stained-glass pieces from the containers, my first thought was to put them in the truck and bring them to the local transfer station for disposal. But as I looked at these containers, I had a second thought. Why not use one of these containers to grow my garden?

My wife, kids, and I took the container out on my deck and drilled some small holes in the bottom of the container so that it would drain properly. Then we lined the bottom with a crop cover I bought at a local Ace Hardware store. This cover protects the wood from rotting and keeps everything intact. We also poked small holes in this cover to allow for proper draining. Next, we added in the potting soil and began planting cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley, and a variety of peppers.

Today, the garden is thriving, and the kids really enjoy eating the cherry tomatoes right off of the vine. It was a great family project; and most of all, I am so happy we are growing our own herbs, peppers and cherry tomatoes. We are thrilled with the bounty we have seen so far! Plus, it saved me a trip to the local transfer station.

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