Having A Ball With Your Toddler

Having A Ball With Your Toddler
February 10, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Danielle McFadden

During the blizzard I was happily snowed in for a couple of days with Adam and Zoe. While Adam was out shoveling (thanks Adam!) I decided to bust out the big guns in the form of a $15 bag of 150 plastic balls. I put them in a big plastic bin and Zoe gleefully climbed in.

Here are some games you can play with your toddler if you decide to make this inexpensive and fun investment:

– Hide some of your child’s favorite toys and watch as he Having a Ballor she digs for them. You can even ask your child to search for specific items. You could even take this a step further and hide a few new toys in the balls. Make it a treasure hunt!

– Teach or reinforce colors by sorting the balls by color or asking your child to hand you a specific color ball. You can also practice counting the balls that you’ve sorted or creating color patterns.

– Play basketball by tossing the balls into the bin. You child will have a blast whether he or she is in the bin at the time OR throwing the balls into the bin.

– Pull/push the bin around the room while your child is sitting in it. What a fun ride!

– Finally, have your child help you clean up the balls and show him or her that cleaning up can be a lot of fun (if us Moms keep telling ourselves that will it become true?)

(If you don’t have an oversized bin, you can also fill up a plastic or inflatable pool.)

What are some fun and inexpensive ideas you have to help cure cabin fever with your kids? Comment below or tweet to @DMcFaddenLowell.

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