He Can Hear!

He Can Hear!
May 6, 2014 Kate Rudy

By: Amy Dienta 

OmarMy 2-year-old Omar has a speech delay. He’s getting there but it makes him and us so frustrated when he can’t tell us what he wants. Asking for juice is a long process.

He had multiple ear infections over the past year, which caused him to not be able to hear. He now has tubes in his ears to drain the fluid so he can hear and to prevent infections.

He’s excelling in all other aspects. He’s been walking since he was only 9 months old. He climbs everything in sight. He loves anything to do with cars – including driving his toy cars. In fact, for a very long time his only word was car!

We went to the pediatrician and the ENT specialist. It seemed like we were at the urgent care center every weekend for months. Finally, all the doctors decided to inset tubes.

The process to insert the tubes took 15 minutes. He woke up from the anesthesia quickly after.

OmarWhen we got home he was sitting on my lap watching Barney, and he stood up and started clapping and counting with the children on the show. I almost cried!! That’s most likely one of the first times he fully heard the show. I’m amazed that such a simple plastic tube could give him back his hearing.

He’s talking more now, but still not at the level of average almost-3-year-olds. But we now have an understanding of his speech patterns and he knows some signs.

Something that has really helped Omar is Southbay’s Early Intervention Program. He sees a developmental specialist and a speech therapist twice a week, both of which have helped him so much. He signs more asking for juice or cookies. He has come so far in the past 6 months. I’m just hoping that his progress continues!!

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  1. Amy, that must be the best feeling knowing he is hearing! <3

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