How My Son Taught Me to be Positive During COVID-19

How My Son Taught Me to be Positive During COVID-19
March 19, 2021 Our Circle of Moms
In Amy Dienta, Mommy Blog

By: Amy L. Dienta

This year, my oldest son is a senior. Senior year is normally filled with sports, the Harvest, after-school clubs with friends and ends with the Prom and graduation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my son is home, doing virtual school. There are no dances, and he can’t hang out with his friends. Some days, it feels like there is nothing but Zoom and Google classroom, and like he’s loosing his childhood and becoming an adult.

Some days I’ve wondered what photos will be in his year book, and what he will have to look back on. Photos with masks, if there are any. Maybe that’s why buying a yearbook is optional, as is getting a cap and gown. Graduation is to be determined.

He’s done college interviews on zoom or via email. Out of the 12 he applied to, he was accepted into every one. He’s done art projects at the kitchen table and lost out on an internship that he worked hard to get. In the middle of all this, he lost his great grandfather from COVID-19.

As a parent, I feel bad that he’s missing out on all the special senior year activities and missing out on the memories with his class mates. When I asked him about it, My son told me, “Mom, if we can save one person from Covid by doing remote school, it’s ok.” It was at that point that I realized this kid might be smarter then me, and I better find the tuition for the biology pre-med degree program he wants to attend, and think about the bright future he had ahead of him instead of thinking about what senior year is missing for him. Now, I hold onto hope that by the fall, college will be open and he can start over – in person with a fresh school year.

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