How Young is Too Young for a Cellphone?

How Young is Too Young for a Cellphone?
March 22, 2019 Our Circle of Moms

By: Tonya Wilson

My oldest daughter is about to turn 10 years old and I am in a terrible dilemma. She wants a cell-phone for her birthday and she knows I have serious reservations. I’m not worried about the cost, we can add a basic phone to our family plan for very little money. What scares me is whether ten years old is too young for a child to handle this technology. My daughter’s friends are all starting to get their own phones and I understand that she wants to be like her friends.

Schoolgirl taking selfie with smartphone sitting cross-legged on window sill in her room

She tries to convince me that it’s for her own good, in case she needs to contact me or my husband in an emergency. But she’s only ten and everywhere she goes I make sure there is adult supervision, if there were an emergency, the adult in charge can always reach me. My daughter says she can chat with her friends about homework problems. But it’s the chatting that has me the most worried of all. These kids have figured out ways to send messages that disappear and you as the parent can never see. Some kids can be really mean and target other kids with taunts about their bodies or their looks. Her friends seem like nice kids, but I am afraid of what could happen if she starts messaging with people she doesn’t really know.

She tells me I am being “ridiculous” which just reinforces my concerns because she clearly does not appreciate the dangers that I fear are out there. I cannot stop her from growing up and at some point we are not opposed to her having her own phone. But is 10 years old too young?


At what age did you let your child have a phone and were there any issues? Share with us in the comments!

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