Join a Kindness Community – Do Random Acts of Kindness

Join a Kindness Community – Do Random Acts of Kindness
February 17, 2022 Our Circle of Moms

By: Mandy Lee

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week is celebrated every year in February, and it’s a fabulous opportunity to give this concept a try and carry it on throughout the year. In 2022, I encourage you to get involved, do good deeds, try community service, or simply do something nice for another person. You might be surprised how good it makes you feel in return!

One of the greatest lessons I learned late in life is if I am having a bad day, doing something nice for someone helps me. Here is the kicker, I don’t tell anyone about it! Nothing takes me out of myself like putting a smile on someone’s face without credit.

What is a Random Act of Kindness?

A random act of kindness is an unexpected, good deed done for another person. Sometimes these acts of kindness, from a small act to a grand gesture, are planned or thought out, but they can take place on the spur of the moment too.

History of Random Acts of Kindness Week

The Random Acts of Kindness organization started this holiday hoping that people giving back to others through random acts would domino into a “Pay it Forward” type of movement. Whether it be taking a trip to the orphanages of Guatemala, showing support for cancer patients, or helping someone on the road fix their flat tires, their goal is to spread happiness, compassion, and love to our fellows.

RAK, a non-profit organization located in Denver, Colorado, consists of a small team that works hard to inspire others. RAK offers resources for those wishing to participate during the week, including school programs, calendars, videos, and training materials.

Those wishing to participate in the celebration can become activists and educators who lead by example and teach others about kindness, inspiring others to do the same and making society a better place to live in.


10 Small Random Acts of Kindness 

  1. Leave cold drinks and snacks for your mail carrier, garbage collectors, etc. –  These folks are unspoken heroes. They keep our worlds turning, bringing us packages, and taking away the evidence of said packages so others can’t see we might have a problem with online shopping.
  2. Pick up litter – We can be kind to Mother Earth too. Take a walk and pick up trash along the way. I did this once at the beach, and the next thing I knew, someone asked if they could join me!
  3. Bake cookies and bring them to a nursing home – Cookies can brighten up anyone’s day but imagine the day of someone who doesn’t get out easily or sees others often. If you want some exciting conversation, spend some time with the elderly, they most always have incredible stories.
  4. Send flowers – If you want to make someone smile, send them flowers. Again, do it anonymously because there is something special about doing a kind act without credit. Another great trick with flowers is to pass them out during your day.
  5. Leave money in a vending machine – The lucky person who comes up to grab a snack after you might just think they are fortunate, but you made their day without them knowing it. If I received a paid-for snack, I would share my story of a joyful surprise with family and friends that day.
  6. Make dinner for a neighbor – Ok, I know a lot of my acts of kindness have to do with food. Probably because I love to eat, and there have been countless times I have come home from a long day of work and wished dinner was taken care of. So, my rule is that if it would make me happy, it would probably make others happy too.
  7. Walk dogs at the animal shelter – If you can walk out of an animal shelter without taking every furry friend home with you, this is a beautiful act of kindness. Share these fur babies on your social media; you may just help find them their forever home.
  8. Compliment a stranger – Sometimes, kind words are all someone needs to make their day.
  9. Let someone go ahead of you in line – If you have the time to wait, let someone ahead of you in line at the store. We often see people frustrated waiting in lines and not afraid to show it. Show others patience and tolerance instead.
  10. Say Please and Thank You – This is simple but can go a long way in today’s world

I hope this blog post can inspire some kindness in the world. The greatest way to spread kindness is to teach kindness. Let your children see how you treat others. Check out this Random Acts of Kindness chart you can share with your kids and see how many you can mark off together!

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