Just Feed Her

Just Feed Her
February 21, 2019 Our Circle of Moms
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By: Jillian

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This post is for those who want to support a new baby’s mommy.
I have found that people want to help a new mommy when her baby comes home. During that time, there are so many emotions and unknowns mommy is sorting through that she knows she needs help but she is not sure what to ask for. If my experience is anything like the typical experience, the answer is food. Not just freezer meals delivered to her door, but warm meals brought to her at her usual dinnertime. And while it’s nice not to entertain those bringing a meal, it would be even better if the meal came with someone to hold the baby so mommy could eat with utensils. As an added bonus, a meal that includes dessert or bread or BOTH would be amazing. So the next time you find out about a mommy adjusting to life at home with baby–feed her. By the way, this is still critical weeks after she is home.
So I know the title of this post implies there is only one thing to do but as you may guess offering to bring a warm meal and hold baby is just one way to participate in a new baby’s homecoming. If you’re able, offer to dust the house, prepare easy to grab lunches, or do a load of laundry while baby sleeps and she naps. If your offer goes unaccepted, try not to be offended and ask again another time. You may have to be persistent and repeatedly offer help because some mammas think they should be able to do all those things for her household. You may need to ninja trick her and say you miss holding a little one or you made too much food for yourself and would like to share the extra with her. Perhaps you were in the area and want to share a pizza pie with her from that quaint place by her house.
Just feed her. I know that’s what I will do for the new mommy’s in my life once my littles grow!

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