Last Day to Enter the Contest!

Last Day to Enter the Contest!
June 11, 2010 jflojennings

Moms, today’s the last day to enter the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog Contest.  To win $250.  To become a featured blogger on this very blog!

The Power of Mom

Women of varying ages with at least one child represent over 20% of the active online population (Nielson Online 2009)- you can imagine the influence moms have!  What better way to wield that influence than an online community where you steer the conversation, lead the charge and pick the topics!

Your ‘Social Life’

Social networking sites like blogs, Facebook and Twitter have become a go to source for all things mom, especially for new mothers.  Who better to guide a young (or new) mother than one with experience?  Then there are moms who are dealing with special needs children, elderly parents and moms trying to balance a career while raising children.  Do you have any tips you could share?

And what about the fun stuff?  Shopping, a site for free trials of new products and product reviews?  Coupons?  This blog is a great to place spread the word on money saving tips and free stuff.  How do you save money?


Finally, let’s talk about the local angle.  There are blogs and sites that exist with the information above.  There are resources out there.  But there is no local resource.  The Merrimack Valley Mom Blog will be by area moms about the area.  Local businesses, events and tips that pertain to the Merrimack Valley.  Do you have anything to share that might help other area mothers?


Visit Lowell General Hospital on Facebook and post why you’d make a great mommy blogger on their wall.  You can write about anything you’d like.  If you’re a little nervous, read this post.  If you don’t know what to write about, click here.

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