Let Children Leave Their Comfort Zones

Let Children Leave Their Comfort Zones
January 18, 2017 Our Circle of Moms


By: Amy Dienta

IMG_9606Trying to get kid to do things out of their comfort zone and still make them comfortable doing it is such a hard task. Sometimes you have to let the child lead.

My son Omar has autism; and over Christmas, he wanted to see Santa, but he couldn’t do it. He chickened out each time. 

On Christmas Eve, he woke me up at 5am saying he had to see Santa. He had to do it. So we got to the mall as soon as it opened. As we walked toward Santa, he kept asking me to pick him up. 

We were on the second floor of the mall and he could see Santa interact with kids. He watched this for 30 minutes and then determined we could continue on. 

As we got closer, he told me, “Mommy, I’m just going to watch the other kids, I’m scared.”


Finally, he decided we could wait in line. Finally, he saw Santa! 

So to all parents out there, have patience with your children and they will figure out some things on their own. He needed time to stop and watch and watch closer. But he did it! He saw Santa! 

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