Let This Be a Reminder to You

Let This Be a Reminder to You
November 30, 2010 jflojennings

By Meredith McKay

During any holiday season we are inundated with store mailings, flyers and emails offering huge discounts and savings.  Kohl’s, Yankee Candle, Hanna Andersson, LL Bean, Old Navy, The Children’s Place, Bed Bath & Beyond, Coach, Carter’s – you name the store, I’ve received a coupon from them.

These days, it’s nearly impossible for me to shop with my toddler.  She no longer likes being strapped in a shopping cart so I spend most of my time chasing her down the aisles, trying to get her to hold my hand or putting back items she has pulled off the shelves.  Needless to say, I mostly shop online.

This Christmas, I decided I will be ahead of the craziness and pressure of holiday shopping and will enjoy the season.

A few weeks ago, I had a night to myself and ventured out to Toys ‘R Us.  I was able to take my time and get a few more toys that Santa asked me to pick up for him.  The cashier rang me up and the total was around $170.  I was so happy to be almost finished Christmas shopping that I practically skipped to my car.

The next morning in my usual rush, I had to fish around the bottom of my pocketbook. When I pulled out my keys, something was stuck to the ring. It was one of those credit card sized coupons for $15 off any purchase over $150 at Toys ‘R Us!

My joy from the night before had to now turned into rage…UGGGGHHHHHH I was there less than 24 hours ago and had the coupon on me while I paid full price without a discount.  I know it’s only fifteen dollars, but what infuriated me was that I had completely forgotten about it.

I received the coupon weeks before Christmas shopping was even on my mind and just threw it in my bag where it had been sitting for weeks.  Of course the fine print stated that the coupon must be presented at the time of purchase and cannot be used on prior purchases.

So let this be a reminder to check the bottom of your pocketbook for a coupon while waiting in the checkout line or, hopefully, you are just more organized than I am!

In my experience, I have found the best sites to get online coupons codes is RetailMeNot and for you brave souls who shop in actual mall and stores, check out Coupon Cabin for printable coupons to bring with you.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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  1. Tiffany MacKay 9 years ago

    Great post Meredith. I can’t tell you how many times I have done that myself and each time I swear that I will check for cupons before I go to the store. One of these days I will remember ahead of time. Maybe I should get it tattooed on my my hand so I see it as I reach in for my wallet! :-)

    • Meredith McKay 9 years ago

      I have now turned my anger towards Walmart :), on Black Friday I woke up at 4:45 am to go online for their hugely advertised 32inch flatscreen TV for $198 (I was finally going to treat myself and get a tv for my bedroom). At 5 am, it was in stock and I was able to put the tv in my shopping cart and proceed with the checkout – I excitedly entered my credit info, shipping address and clicked Enter….. An error message appeared that the item in my shopping cart was no longer in stock!

      Uggghhh all over again! I assumed that once I was in the process of making the transaction that the tv would be mine – I should’ve had all my info entered into the system before 5 am! So now I am over the $15 off coupon and annoyed at missing out on the TV for me – soooo annoying!!!!

  2. Erika 9 years ago

    Lucky you getting a night in shopping without a toddler =) I too have a hard time remembering my coupons and I feel like I have been getting so many more this year. You need a coupon organizer for your bag 😉 Maybe Santa will bring you one. Happy Holidays!

  3. Jen 9 years ago

    I can just see your face when you discovered that coupon stuck to your keys!!!! Just think of Mia’s face on Christmas morning. (=:

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