Lowell Activities for Young Children

Lowell Activities for Young Children
November 22, 2010 jflojennings

By Amy Dienta

In my last post I talked about some great activities in the Lowell area for older children. Since then, blog readers have asked me for some things that they can do with their children who are younger than 4.  So I decided to post some of my favorite places that we visited when Moussa was younger.

Your local library is a great place to start for kids activities. The Pollard Memorial Library, for instance, has a blog filled with tons of things to do for children, and includes everything from Pajama Party Story Time to a variety of performances by children.

The local library also has discounted tickets to some of our favorite places to visit!

The New England Aquarium is an awesome place to visit with young children and is a great day trip.  The New England Aquarium has a huge ocean tank which has viewing stands and play stations for younger children.  You can even take the commuter rail and subway if you want to add to the experience.

One of the other places Moussa loved was the Children’s Museum in Acton.  The museum in itself is a treasure, but it also has other programs during the week like science experiments and art classes!

A little further away is the Children’s Museum of Portsmouth, NH.  This museum is a little larger and has great adventures for children of all ages.  Even grandmothers of all ages!

Nana and Moussa at the museum in Portsmouth, NH

For preschool children, there’s Imajine That in Lawrence, which has an indoor playground and classes for children younger than 6.

Hopefully this helps moms of younger children find things to do as it gets colder out.  Where are some of the places you take your children?  I love to find new places to take my son!

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  1. Meredith McKay 9 years ago

    Thanks for the tips – I didn’t even know there is a Children’s Museum in Portsmouth!

  2. Sabina Chen 9 years ago

    Totally helpful! We’ve been going a little stir crazy as the weather has cooled. My moms group has mostly been meeting at various homes, but it would be great to go to a local library or someplace else. Thanks for this!

  3. Amy Dienta 9 years ago

    The children’s Museaum is now in Dover about 20 min away from Portsmouth. But it is well worth the Drive. We have spent many a nice day trip there.

    I love taking Moussa places. My husband works alot on the weekends so we go places and try new things and new foods.

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