‘Mediatasking’ Moms

‘Mediatasking’ Moms
July 8, 2010 jflojennings

Moms know how to multitask.  Balancing an infant carrier, a diaper bag and groceries while opening the car door is a common example.  There’s no school for this, moms just do it.  Whether it’s Cirque du Soleil type acrobatics, or getting two children to different places in the span of a half-hour, moms inherit the ability to multitask.

There are recent studies that show moms are really good at something else, something similar.  Now, I don’t know if the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog can coin the phrase ‘Mediatasking,’ but moms are leading the charge in doing it, none the less.

Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President of BabyCenter, Johnson & Johnson’s online community for expecting new moms, said in a recent interview with emarketer.com:

When [a woman] becomes a mom, all her media usage goes down except for the Internet. Her engagement in the Internet actually goes up, and her reason for using the Web changes. Now, she’s focused on information gathering because she is in a new role and has to figure many things out. So she’s typing search strings into Google such as “104 fever midnight.”

There was also a study done with moms who use Twitter.  Almost 60% of these moms use it from their cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone.  Their main objective is to keep up with businesses they follow, find out about new stuff or get coupon or links to articles and news that matter to them.  Only 13% of moms surveyed check their Twitter account once a day or fewer.  The highest percentage, 39%, show that moms check in more than ten times a day!  Interestingly, only 6% noted that a famous person tweeting for a company made any difference.  Moms want answers from people they trust, not people that’re paid.

Kevin Burke, President of Lucid Marketing, who  conducted the study, says “Twitter is often thought of as a broadcast medium for the latest news, but for many people it is a very personal experience.”

Whether keeping up with friends and family because having or caring for a child creates the need for Facebook to replace face time, a Twitter account where moms follow resources that offer coupons or links to helpful articles or, and this is the best one (we’re biased, admittedly), a local mom blog where area moms can get area-specific information, tips and information from someone who is going through or has experienced the same thing.

“When she becomes a mom, she makes new “mommy” friends because her next-door neighbor, her sister, her mother and her coworker aren’t necessarily pregnant with a three-year-old in the house. But in a mom social network like BabyCenter or others, she can get some really good advice and practical tips from people who understand and have empathy for her,” says Sharkey.

Moms are the demonstrated pioneers in mediatasking.  And social media will certainly be an important part of our reach.  As we get to know Amy, Sabina, Tiffany, Meredith and Jane over the next couple of months, the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog is excited to hear what you might have in common with our featured bloggers.  We encourage comments and discussion.  We want you to ‘share and like.’  We want this blog to become a resource where moms who want to know go.

Even if they just want to know how to bend your knees to accomodate the groceries on the hip while loading the little one in the back seat.

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