Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet
July 20, 2010 jflojennings

Many of you have already ‘met’ our Merrimack Valley Mom Blog featured bloggers on our Our Bloggers page, or on Lowell General Hospital’s Facebook page.  If you haven’t, head on over and get acquainted.

For those of you new to the blog, five local moms have been selected as featured bloggers for The Merrimack Valley Mom Blog.  The mom bloggers were selected from a contest sponsored by Lowell General Hospital and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center where they were encouraged to visit Lowell General Hospital’s Facebook page and post a written narrative or video explaining why they would be a great mom blogger.

The winning bloggers are Sabina Chen, a 41-year-old new mom who recently moved to the area; Amy Dienta, a mom who admits she over researches everything; Meredith McKay, a 30-something mom who has lived in Lowell her entire life; Tiffany MacKay, a mom and employee of Lowell General Hospital; and Jane Marshall, the reigning Mrs. Massachusetts.  Although readers can expect to find an abundance of helpful health information, topics are not limited to healthcare.  The blog will feature posts about local, kid-friendly restaurants and movies, childcare, summer camps, schools, community events and anything else of interest to area mothers.

Each mom will write one to two posts a month beginning in August.  The topics will vary greatly, depending on the personalities of the bloggers and their range of daily experiences in the community.  Some of their blog posts will come in the form of video posts.  The bloggers will meet in person every other month at ‘blogger brunches’ to share ideas and brainstorm upcoming topics.  There will also be guest posts by medical experts at the two hospitals who will provide valuable and timely healthcare information to the readers.

As you can see, they’ll be taking over primary blog duty very soon, and we are very excited to take the Merrimack Valley Mom Blog even closer to becoming a living, breathing online community.

And this week, the mom bloggers will meet each other for the first time.  Lowell General Hospital is hosting a Meet & Greet to get to know the moms and so the moms can get to know each other.  We’ll have lunch, brainstorm topics, share mom stories and have a wealth of material moving into August when the moms post for the first time as featured bloggers!

We’ll post some pictures and video next week from the Meet & Greet and encourage you visit Lowell General on Facebook and share your suggestions for topics, or what you’d like to see on the blog!

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