Meet Our New Mom Bloggers: Jacqueline Koutsoufis

Meet Our New Mom Bloggers: Jacqueline Koutsoufis
October 9, 2014 Our Circle of Moms

Jacqueline KoutsoufisHello everyone! I’m Jacqueline (also known as Jackie), one of the new moms who will be joining the Merrimack Valley Moms Blog.

I have been married to my husband, Daniel, for thirteen years. We have five wonderful, all very different and somewhat complex, children who range in ages from two to twelve.

Kaitlyn is my oldest daughter, who is twelve. She is an amazing, smart young lady who is full of wit and helps whenever and whoever she can. Kaitlyn battles asthma and gerd, but she doesn’t let that stop her from trying something new.

Emily is next at the great age of ten. She is my happy-go-lucky girl who is struggling with ADD/ADHD while entering middle school and starting a new school. She makes friends easily and there is no one that doesn’t like her wherever she goes.

At the wonderful age of nine, Anthony is my only boy. He is my lovable, happy guy who loves to make everyone happy. At the young age of two he was diagnosed with autism and a speech delay. Anthony works hard every day to make progress and to keep his anxiety under control.

Madelyn is my seven-year-old daughter. She is a spit fire who loves to help whenever she is able. She also has ADHD/ADD. She is a creative, happy girl who likes to give me a run for my money.

My youngest is Rebecca, who is almost three. She is your typical toddler/ preschooler who is stubborn, smart, and full of energy. She has given me a run for my money from the day she was born. She has had some minor health problems from day one and continues to struggle a bit.

Jacqueline KoutsoufisAnd if five kids weren’t enough, we have a chocolate lab and three cats in our house. The more the merrier, we like to say. What’s just one more?

I spent the first eight years home with my children before I decided to go back to school and work. I am a medical assistant who is currently working in the home healthcare field. I have been blessed with a great job that has become more of family than a job.

I hope to blog about what is near and dear to me, and I hope to share some comic relief in our daily struggles, from dealing with children with special needs and IEP’s, to the nightly homework battle. You’ll see my sarcastic sense of humor as I try to stay sane with the daily tantrums and a hectic daily life. And, I’d like to give moms some hope when things seem to be difficult, to show you that you are not alone.

I look forward to hearing from you! I hope you get some good laughs like I do when I sit back and play my day over in my head.

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