Meet Our New Mom Bloggers: Michaelene Koskela

Meet Our New Mom Bloggers: Michaelene Koskela
October 13, 2014 Our Circle of Moms

“You are the closest I will ever come to magic.”
Suzanne Finnamore

MK August 2014 VacationUnlike my mother, grandmother and several generations before me, I did not start my family in my twenties. I’ve always carved my own path and chose to wait to start a family so that I could provide my child with the life lessons and financial rewards that my late twenties – thirties would yield.

Our daughter Brooke was born April 26, 2010. At the time of her birth, my AMA (advanced maternal age) was 44.

My husband Bruce and I met playing softball nine years ago we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary in February.

As we neared the end of my maternity leave, we decided that I would become a SAHM (stay-at-home-mother). This was not a decision we took lightly. Our backgrounds held a BBA and my husband’s college experience and 4 years of U.S. Air Force service. Combined, we had over 50 years of corporate experience, and yet we entered parenthood as everyone else does, no matter what age, distinction or background: both as rookies.

As parents, we all start in the same place, with an extraordinarily humungous responsibly to raise a human being and prepare them to function in society as an adult.

It’s a tall order. My intent was to not screw up and to slightly enhance what my permissive parents taught me in the early stages of my development during the 70’s.  As my Father states today when looking back at my childhood, “There’s no reason she’s still alive.”

Motherhood has had a profound effect on me, as I have found patience (something I LACKED). Weekly craft projects and baking lessons have overtaken my calendar where conference meetings once stood. I laugh more and sing often (though poorly) to the delight of my daughter. Watching her development and my contribution to her learning is allowing me to become the happiest person I know. That alone proves that motherhood agrees with me. Certainly in these past 1,620 days of joy, there may have been a moment or seven when I may have wanted to run away or hide.

I look forward to sharing my daily adventures, successes, advice on how to minimize challenges. I look forward to celebrating the triumphs and sometimes even the tears in my posts. I also want to learn about you (please, comment below!) and in doing so, gather pearls of wisdom to add to my parental bag of tricks.

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