Meet the Moms: Jenna

Meet the Moms: Jenna
March 22, 2018 Our Circle of Moms


Somethings you should know about me…

I have lived in 3 states. Born in NJ, went to college in MA, moved to FL after college, and happily found my way back up here in MA.

I am a full-time wife and mother. Met my husband on the internet and have been together for 6 years–married for 3 and a half. I am a sort of new mommy; my little girl is almost 1. I also have pet babies; 2 small dogs, a cat, and a turtle.

I work part-time in an infant room at a local daycare. Originally, I got a job as a middle school mathematics teacher in FL after college. After 3 years I realized, middle school students and babies are very similar…and I would rather deal with crying, snotty, stinky infants than hormonal, whiny, stinky preteens.

I am a crafter, from yarn to paint, and even dollhouse building. I like to DIY pretty much anything and everything. I have a small craft business and sign up for local craft fairs and such. I don’t make just enough to keep up with my crafting addictions.  

I am a new blogger and looking forward to sharing my experiences, ideas, and maybe even a craft project!

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  1. tabletop 5 years ago

    Hi Jenna, I love your story!

  2. trsmommy 4 years ago

    Jenna, I thought of you when I was looking for a travel seat to feed T! I bought one but the chair doesn’t sit up on its own- I need to strap it to a chair. Any recommendations? 🙂

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